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What private health insurance do you accept?

We are preferred provider for HCF, AHM & Dentacare, although we accept all other health funds including Medibank, BUPA, nib, Teachers health fund, CBHS, defence health, frank, Latrobe & Australian unity.


Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we do offer NO Interest payment plans.


When my child can come for a dental check-up?

It's recommended to start dental check-ups when the baby teeth erupt in the child mouth.


Your dentist will check your child's teeth and will advise you on the shedding, eruption dates, proper brushing technique, will review the dental health and development of your child.  


My child plays contact sport; how can I protect him?

Any child who plays contact sports should wear a mouth guard to protect the teeth, jaws and soft tissues from severe injuries.


Just make an appointment with our dentist who would be able to take mould of the teeth to fabricate a mouth guard that fits perfectly.


Why should I fix my child’s baby teeth, if they are going to fall? 

Yes, the baby teeth will fall but we want to keep these baby teeth as long as we can and in healthy condition as these baby teeth act as natural space maintainers for the adult teeth.


Early loss of baby teeth can result in space loss and need for orthodontic treatment in the future.


Also sever infections can affect the adult teeth.  


How often is it recommended to see the dentist?

For most people it's recommended every 6 months.


Would cleaning remove the enamel of my teeth?

No, professional scaling and cleaning only removes the build-ups off the teeth.


Do I need to see the dentist if I don’t have pain?

Yes, as many conditions can be painless at the start.


So it's better to detect & treat before it’s too late.


Always remember prevention better than cure.  


Why does the dentist take x-rays?

Your dentist needs the x rays to examine & detect any signs of decay, bone loss, defects in existing fillings or any infections.


What type of filling material would the dentist use?

It depends on many factors like which tooth, how big & deep is the filling, is it a baby or an adult tooth.


Your dentist will discuss all the options with you.


Among these materials are, white fillings (composite resins, glass ionomer cements) or indirect restorations (porcelain onlays).  


My gum bleeds, what shall I do? 

Bleeding gum is an indication of gum disease (gingivitis /periodontitis), your dentist can perform gum analysis & gum treatment including deep clean & root planning which will result in reduction & elimination of the bleeding.


Does smoking affect my gums?

Yes, smoking has got adverse effects on the health of the gum.


There is strong relation between smoking & gum disease.


Would the dental procedure hurt? 

No, you won't feel any pain, as your dentist will apply anaesthetic gel/cream then will apply the local anaesthetic before any dental procedure.  


I’m scared of the dentist, I don’t like coming to the dentist, what shall I do?

At Memorial Avenue Dental Clinic, we promise to make your visit to the dentist relaxing and stress free.


As our dentists are very gentle, passionate & understanding. You will be keen on your regular check-ups more than anything else!


Will my kids’ treatment be covered under Medicare, would it be bulk billed?

Yes, we do bulk bill for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.


You can check that your child is eligible by calling Medicare or simply get your Medicare card & we can check it for you.

What treatments are covered under Medicare?

Medicare covers most of the dental treatments including: exam, x-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatment, fissure sealants, fillings, pulpotomies (nerve treatment for baby teeth) and extractions.


But it doesn’t cover any orthodontic treatment or any cosmetic treatment like caps or veneers.


My child’s teeth are crocked /overlapped, what shall I do?

If your child’s teeth are crocked or overlapped, just make an appointment for free orthodontic consultation & our dentist will discuss if your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment, when to start treatment and all the treatment options that suits your child.


Braces or Invisalign or ClearCorrect?

Braces are the conventional orthodontic treatment that requires the placement of brackets & light force wires to slowly move the teeth.


Invisalign and ClearCorrect are clear strong kind of plastic aligners that need to be worn during day & night to lightly move the teeth.


Your dentist will discuss the best option that suits you.


Do you do wisdom teeth extractions?

Yes, we offer wisdom teeth extractions.


Also we can organise the referral for you if you require the procedure to be done under General Anaesthetic.


I’ve got a missing tooth; can you fill this gap?

Yes, there are lots of options that we can offer you to replace missing tooth/teeth.


Your dentist will discuss with you implants, bridges, and partial dentures.


We will restore your smile.


Do you do dentures?

Yes, we offer Partial and Complete Dentures.


I don’t like my smile! Can you help?

We can enhance your smile & correct the shape of your front teeth by using either porcelain or composite veneers


I don’t like the colour of my teeth, can you whiten them?

Yes, we do offer in chair whitening, also we offer take home whitening kits


Would whitening hurt?

It differs from one person to another.


It won’t hurt but your teeth can be sensitive for one or two days.


Your dentist will provide you with a desensitizing product to help decrease the sensitivity.


We use the most advanced & safe systems.


How long my teeth will remain white?

It depends on your life style, like if you do smoke or drink red wine regularly.


If you do, then we advise you to maintain your Oral hygiene by regular professional clean which will keep the external stains to a minimum.


What is implant?

Dental implant is a fixed replacement to a missing tooth that is mostly made of Titanium & placed into the bone during a surgical procedure, then the bone adapt & bind well around this titanium fixture, then a crown is placed on top of that titanium fixture to replace the missing tooth.


Also implants can retain bridge for multiple missing teeth & dentures.


I do have a chipped /broken tooth but I don’t want to have my tooth pulled out. Is there any other treatment?

We always try to save the teeth and will try all possible treatments before extracting a tooth.


It depends how badly is the tooth damaged.


Iif the damage has reached the nerve space then we will consider root canal treatment, then build up the tooth & restore it with a cap.


Why is food getting stuck in between my teeth? How can I prevent it?

Sometimes food gets stuck in between the teeth because of broken or chipped filling, or gap between teeth or deep periodontal pockets.


Your dentist will examine the area, might need to take x-rays then will fix the cause accordingly either by replacing the unsatisfactory fillings or perform gum treatment.


Also your dentist will demonstrate the proper flossing technique & the correct use of the inter-dental brushes.

My partner hears me grinding at night, what shall I do? 

If you do grind at night, you might wake up with sore jaw; also you might experience   headaches, and more wear and tear on the teeth than is normal.


Therefore, your dentist might suggest wearing a night guard (occlusal splint) to wear at night so that the guard is worn down instead of your teeth.