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At Memorial Ave Dental we offer same day emergency appointment.

Dental Trauma

Our Dentists at MDC are passionate & with vast experience in treating dental trauma especially in young children, including avulsed (knocked out) teeth, chipped, cracked and broken teeth.


Our dentists dealt with lots of injuries before, where they could manage trauma, re-attached broken fragments, and followed up many of their young patients till the adult stage.


If it happened that you or your child knocked out a tooth quickly follow these steps:

  • If it is a baby tooth, don’t put the tooth back in the mouth, just store it in milk and see your dentist as soon as possible.
  • But if it is adult tooth: Pick up the tooth by its crown only, avoid touching the root.
  • If it got dirt on it, just rinse with milk for only one or two seconds.
  • Place the tooth in its previous position in the mouth & use cloth, foil or mouth guard to hold it in place.
  • See your dentist immediately. The sooner you see your dentist the more likely the tooth will survive.


Toothache/Pain management

Dental Pain can be due to sensitivity, gum disease, exposed roots, decay, chipped / broken fillings, cracked tooth, wear of the teeth, nerve pain, infection, swelling or referred pain.


Our dentists at MDC will perform detailed examination & investigations to properly diagnose and treat your problem. At MDC, our aim is to Keep you out of pain.


If you got any problems, give us a call today